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Classic American cinema/film noir

—November/December 2022 Giant Issue, Vol. 18, number 6: “Laura”

My contribution is an article about the song “Laura,” an American standard, from the movie of the same name.

$10.00 USD

—November/December 2021 Giant Issue, Vol. 17, number 6: “California noir”

I have an article in this issue on the film Woman On the Run, set in San Francisco.

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—November/December 2020 Giant Issue, Vol. 16 number 6: “1947”

This issue contains my article on the Lucille Ball film Lured, from the year 1947.

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—November/December 2018 Giant Issue, Vol. 14 number 6: “Great Couples of Noir”

I have an article in this issue about director Anthony Mann and cinematographer John Alton.

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for other websites

Silver Screen Suppers

The history behind the drink named for the thirties child star.


Maybe some comics shouldn’t be movies,” 8.19.15

A look at the superhero trend in film with an emphasis on the Fantastic Four.

Student Handouts

Omar (2013) Movie Review and Guide,” 3.5.14

A review of a Palestinian film for a website that provides downloadable teaching materials for schools.

for Wide Screen World

Selections from my previous blog

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 12.9.20

An article on the Mike Nichols film with an emphasis on the setting of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Warner Brothers Animation,” 9.7.20

A history of the film studio’s animation division.

Five precedents for the proposed changes to the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” 2.5.20

A look at the proposed traffic-calming changes to the world-famous Hollywood walkway and how they will benefit pedestrians.

Is comedy always better with an audience? 12.11.19

An editorial on how comedy has different effects on different people, with an emphasis on the film Knives Out.

The Binge Experiment,” 6.14.19

In which I conduct an unscientific experiment involving the value of bingeing TV shows.

Bird Box,” 4.17.19

A review of the Sandra Bullock horror film and the unlikely craze it spawned.

Topper,” 11.16.18

A review of the Cary Grant film and an editorial on what constitutes great art.



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