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Newtown Literary 

Literary magazine based in Queens, New York 

—Fall/Winter 2014, issue 5: “Speculative Poetry & Prose”

I have a short story in this issue which imagines a future where airplanes are replaced with teleportation machines.

$10.00 USD, $5.00 e-book


The Jewish Literary Journal

A historical flash fiction story set in the Bronx, 1956.

from Wide Screen World 

selections from my former blog

Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever, 3.8.21

A fan fiction inspired by the popular Star Trek time travel episode guest-starring Joan Collins.

Matilda,” 6.8.19

A fan fiction inspired by the Danny DeVito-directed children’s movie.

Star Trek TNG: The Drumhead,” 1.28.19

A fan fiction inspired by the Star Trek TNG episode guest-starring Jean Simmons.

A Trip to the Moon,” 4.13.18

A fan fiction inspired by the silent SF short.

Unbreakable,” 4.26.17

A fan fiction inspired by the M. Night Shyamalan fantasy film.

Requiem For the VCR,” 8.27.16

An attempt at poetry inspired by the death of the VCR.

The movies of Howard Hawks... in limericks,” 11.9.12




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